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Claiming that women don’t deserve to share in the blame for dressing like a whore and getting raped is retarded.

Should women be able to dress like whores and not get raped? Yeah, in the same way I should be able to make a suit out of money and not get robbed. But if I do wear that suit and get robbed, you can’t say I’m blameless for being a total fucking moron. 

Is one crime worse than the other? Probably. But both of them are instances of a person defying common sense and suffering the consequences. If a person who does not heed common sense is not blameworthy, then who is?

The fact we tell women not to dress like whores to avoid rape isn’t evidence of some grand pro-rape conspiracy, or of some imaginary rape culture, it’s a common sense precaution. Of course society DOES tell us don’t rape and steal — that obviously isn’t enough to fully protect us.

^ Shut the fuck up because you’re a disgusting, slut-shaming, brainfucked, imbecilic dickwad. Ordinarily I wouldn’t use language like this. However, it’s clearly the only thing at this point that will get through to your myopic little pistachio-nut of a brain.

Sweet Jesus fuck. ‘Imaginary’ rape culture? No. Go to hell, stay there, and get fucked.

Yeah, sorry, this is bullshit. Ultimately, no one should be doing either, but robbing someone has personal gain other than humiliating and hurting someone for your own physical pleasure.

You’re right. Women are exactly equal to physical objects such as money. It’s not like we’re people or something. 

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