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Jennifer Lawrence on preparing for Silver Linings Playbook

This made me roll my eyes at first, as do all of Jen’s mentions of how much she loves eating junk and never working out, despite the fact that she’s my actual wife, because the reason people think this is cute is that she’s still quite thin. And beautiful. And I’ve seen pictures of you working out, Jen, so don’t even. It’s actually something that I’ve noticed about several thin women who obviously watch what they eat and probably exercise, to an extent - like Amy Poehler and Tina Fey - this tendency to joke about eating too much and hating work outs. And it’s annoying because you know nobody would be saying “you go, girl!” and “hell yeah stay in bed all day eating fries” if the person in question was, say, Beth Ditto. Or any other obviously overweight woman.

But then I remember what happened when THG came out, the way grown fucking men came at Jennifer Lawrence in reviews to call her fat. Because our society just hates women that much, that a thin woman who’s somewhat curvy is still unacceptable. And this is not even getting into the whole idea of “fat” as evil.

So anyway it’s all super-depressing and makes me much more accepting of Jen’s bragging about her supposed horrible eating habits even though outside of toxic celebrity culture she pretty much has the “ideal” body. Because her current environment is horrible to her too.

I love her but yes to all this. And also I hate that people still call her fat! She is thin, she obviously works out, and that’s fine. 

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