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Evidence-Based Advocacy: Addressing Pregnancy Ambivalence in Both Women and Men

Not sure if anyone else would be interested in reading this so just copy pasta’d the most interesting points

Pregnancy ambivalence is a term that blurs the lines between intended, unintended, and mis-timed pregnancies. Measuring pregnancy ambivalence allows us to capture complex or not fully formed ideas and feelings about pregnancy

…current pregnancy prevention models put the emphasis on addressing women’s experiences and feelings about pregnancy…. Men in this study had nearly three times the odds of women of being ambivalent about pregnancy, and this ambivalence was associated with reduced contraceptive use for men. 

Instead of only emphasizing that couples should use contraception consistently and correctly, we have to figure out how to help them clarify their feelings about pregnancy, even if those feelings are messy and complicated. Encouraging couples to process their complex feelings about pregnancy may even improve contraceptive use, but that can’t be our only goal. In moving beyond a “pregnancy prevention” frame and encouraging open dialogue about the many emotions that pregnancy brings up for both women and men, we can engage and empower both partners to be active participants in reproductive decision-making.