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[TW: rape] 9-year old girl gives birth

What about the language being used and the way this story is being reported is making me feel so uncomfortable?

Probably the main thing is that the articles keep saying authorities think it might be a case of rape or sexual abuse. It most certainly is a case of sexual abuse, how can an 8yo consent to sex? I know they have to word articles carefully so they don’t get in trouble but say it like it is. This is completely unacceptable, illegal behaviour.

A lot of the reader comments are some racist slurs against mexicans and othering bullshit. Don’t they have moderators on newsites? Or do they believe the stuff they allow to be posted to their site?

Finally, where are the links to support websites or resources? Newsites really need to pick up their game in terms of understanding how news stories like these might affect their readers and embracing the multi-media format in terms of providing support. One reader commented saying “As tragic as it was for me at that age to be molested, I’m blessed not to have a child by the monster who did it. God please bring this child through like you brought me.”

12% of female rape survivors and 28% of male rape survivors experience their first rape before the age of 10 years old. Where’s the support? Where’s the community? Or are we ignoring that sexual abuse happens here?