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1.9% to 2.4% of YA books published in 2013 include LGBT main characters or are about LGBT issues.” (x)

"My takeaways from this number crunching are:

  1. I often hear people saying that publishers aren’t willing to publish LGBT YA, or that each publisher only publishes one LGBT YA per year. This, statistically, isn’t true. Every one of the big 6 publishers (and plenty of smaller ones) publish LGBT YA titles, and several of them do publish more than one per year.
  2. However, the proportion of LGBT YA to non-LGBT YA is so tiny as to be laughable.
  3. The good news is, the numbers have continued to increase over time, and other than the dip in 2010, the increase has sped up since 2000.
  4. The bad news is, the G in LGBT far outpaces L, B, or T.” (x)